Meeting The Locals

Meeting The Locals : Episode #4
Meet David Strauss, Ex-New Yorker, now Exberliner (Senior Editor) and infamous DJ spinning the best of “Youth-Schlager” by night.
We met David at the Beer-festival in Marzahn. There he was showcasing his moderating skills. Skills, he insists, worthy of compensation. Clearly!
David is a one man entertaining machine and it’s rather hard not being blown away by his charm and strong personality. We loved to see how 12 years of Berlin have influenced Davids outlook on things.
Meeting the Locals Season 1 Episode 4: Davis Strauss, Senior editor at Exberliner, DJ and Moderator.

Meeting The Locals : Episode #3
We met Valentino at the Wardrobe and could nor resist the oppurtunity to watch Valentino do his magic and ask some questions. We are so happy we did..

Meeting The Locals : Episode #2
We hang out with the fascinating Anne Seubert who created her childhood dream profession: The cookie taster or in good old German “Der Kekstester”. Last year Anne won the highly acclaimed german award : Genussliebling. Her Blog has made some furore in the german media! For us Anne is one the locals who make Berlin rock so hard: Gorgeous, smart and fun to hang with!

Meeting The Locals : Pilot
A City is made by its residents, right? What makes Berlin such a special place? Why are so many people moving to Berlin? What makes a “Berliner” tick? We try to find the answers. Here is the Pilot: We had a proper chat with Christian a Berlin based new filmmaker who has already 2 shorts under his belt. Christian dreams of making his mark on the international film arena! We def had a ball! Keep checking back for new episodes as we keep on filming for you!This is Christian and he’s been living in Berlin since 4 years, making movies and hoping that he can make it in the industry.
Christian thinks that there are enormous possibilities and opportunities in Berlin, like one day you can meet Bill Murray and the next you will meet someone who tells you he is flea circus trainer and the day after you hang at the “Berghain”, enjoy a glance at the fashion week models who pass by and you just think: Whoa, is that cool!
As a Filmmaker you would be able to capture totally different things in Berlin’s many districts and Kiez’. You would film something totally different in Neukoelln and in Charlottenburg but in general Christian likes it if it’s underground.
Christian has graduated from Art high school. For him making a movie is like painting.
When he start making a movie then everything starts with a painting in his head, the actors become brushes and the camera is the color and so he creates a painting, well.. moving images. Each movie always has at least one great scene, Christian thinks and inspired he was by movies from Alfred Hitchcock with the effects from Vertigo or Darren Aronofsky’s movies or Jim Jarmusch.
Christian has just produced another movie and for this project he was inspired by a scene from Jim Jarmusch’s movie “Coffee and Cigarettes” in which Cate Blanchett plays herself and a fictional and non-famous cousin named Shelly. In this film he shows his protagonist sitting on a table in a nice coffee shop staring at her cell all the time. Suddenly another person sits right opposite of her and she looks a very similar person.
Really the only difference between them is their hair color (blond and dark) and the color of their tops (white and black). Christian experiments with the contrasts. The movie will be called: “Yes, I No.”
Christian wants to make aware of the fact that almost all people have their cells turned on 24 hours a day and they also use it as an alarm clock next to their beds. Internet and cells are around us 24/7 and there is a danger that we disconnect ourselves from reality. He shows that also in his previous movie “Raus Jetzt” where his protagonist wakes up in the morning and instead of looking out of the window to check the weather he is checking the weather on his cell.
“In my opinion you can do everything to a certain degree but my fear is that we will exclusively be using the internet and loose all connection to reality. If you have to get to know a new person via the internet like “Love at first click” then that would be nothing for me”, he says.
Christian’s dream is to make his first motion picture in two years time.