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What’s happening in TipstRland.

TipstR.TV´s BERLINSTRUCK been at the DMY Festival in Berlin. Soon to be shown on TipstR.TV.
Roller Derby is picking up big time worldwide. In Germany the Berlin based Berlin Bombshells are pretty much dominating the game. TipstR.TV went to see their match against the Tiger Bay Brawlers. Soon to be aired on TipstR.TV

We met the man behind Compost Records and Into Somethin’ Michael Reinboth. Watch the full lenghts interview exclusive on TipstR.TV/DJ.

Full lengths DJ set from Rainer Trüby now on www.tipstr.tv/dj

Old School Hip Hop Group Ugly Duckling gave a concert at the Cassiopeia in Berlin and of course we filmed the whole show for you guys. Check it out here: http://www.tipstr.tv/music/

Compost Records Birthday Bash and TipstR.TV was there .. Rainer Trüby, Ian Pooley and the mastermind himself Michael Reinboth all where there and TipstR TV filmed 2 DJ sets one of Rainer Trüby and the other of Ian Pooley. Soon up on TipstR TV DJ.
There are very few people under the age of 40 in the Berlin who have not heard of Komet Bernhard and many, many clubbers have met this inspriring greater then life personality. Komet Bernhard aka Techno Opa now showing in an up close and super personal interview.
Big Fox, aka Charlotta Perers in concert at the monarch in Berlin.The concert was truly amazing and you bet that we where there to film the whole show. Soon on TipstR.TV concerts!
TipstR.TV concerts featuring the Canadian Singer Songwriter Jeff Beadle. Jeff gave an awesome concert at the Kreuzberger concert venue: Auster Club and Marissa had the chance to talk to Jeff a few minutes prior to the concert. Good stuff!
BERLINSTRUCK has been places for you! Did you know that the very first vegan cocktail bar is in Berlin might very well be also the very first in the world! The Chaostheorie ha some super delic cocktails.
We also been at the first Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, at Oliver Rath´s book release party, the Trümmer concert.. and already shooting more for you
TipstR.TV now also on SPB TV: In case you need even more ways to watch TipstR.TV we are so proud to let you know that we have just partnered with one of the leading providers of comprehensive TV everywhere services that deliver live and on-demand television across in-home and portable devices, including mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, and set-top-boxes. With a whooping reach of over 40 million households worldwide one could say this is a big deal.
We filmed the concert of LA based rappers Gavlyn and Oh Blimey with DJ Mike Steez on their # Europe Tour. The venue was the Cassiopeia, which is a great venue and we filmed there already several times. Big shout out to the management of this great concert venue. Isabelle had a good talk with the ladies and we are burning to get the footage aired. Stay tuned.
We are so proud to be announcing our new network partnership with the German media mogul FUNKE Digital TV Guide GmbH
. TipstR.TV reaches now even higher numbers of viewers through watchmi. Have a look for yourself.
German house and techno legend DJ Hell and label boss of International DeeJay Gigolo Records played recently at the “Knutschen” (snogging) party series in Berlin. Check out his set here on the pilot of TipstR.TV/DJ If you don’t want to miss any new DJ sets make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter
Berlinale and Berlin goes bongos..so we picked the GoEast Festival presentation and had a nice little talk with the people behind the scenes. Two Oscar nominees coming out of this festival which is pretty amazing.
Canadian Jeff Beadle gave a brilliant performance at his Berlin gig. Marissa went there to see what the fuss is all about… check back soon for some brilliant music
The Moriarty concert was defo one of the concerts you feel you just witnessed something really special. The music is as “real” as the guys are mellow. Check out the concert the guys shot at the amazing Volksbuehne including interview here!
We been at the concert venue Lido in Berlin and filmed the #Malky . A german Band who have been all over the german media recently, not a german magazine or TV channel who did not praise their new album. What can we say. Time well spend. The boys definitely owned the stage and the crowd was loving it. Berliners are a tough crowd but Malky had them eating out of the palm of their hands.. In case you where wondering the concert and interview is soon the watched on TipstR TV
The amazing Moriarty are currently touring Europe to promote their new album:
Epitaph. We met with the guys the day before their sold out concert at the Volksbühne Berlin to talk about what they are up to, their music and of course the amazing brand new album. See the full lengths interview and check out the concert with some epic music and footage of the concert soon on TipstR.TV. Enjoy the teaser here.
What happens if one of Germany´s hottest and most controversial star photographers drops his first book? “Mayhem”!! Famous german singer songwriter Ollie Schulz would show up to hold the laudation, german actors and model stars line up for a group picture. Well, it´s not for no reason that the man called his book: Berlin Boheme. Check out the whole feature including an intimate one on one interview with Oliver Rath on TipstR.TV´s new city magazine: BERLINSTRUCK .
Berlin really was on the market for an event which would do justice to the the variety of ultra creative international fashion designer who wanted to show in Berlin but really had no platform. Adam and Olof cater exactly to this ever growing market with the amazing Berlin Alternative Fashion Week. If you can’t get enough .. check out LOUD!
Quendolin Fender played an amazing beat set just before KutMasta Kurt & Jeru The Damaja graced the stage. Make sure to check out the rest of the concert series on TipstR TV´s music chanel.
 photo 578deff8-6fe8-45df-bd7c-9109c3533109_zps06f50351.png Even if you don’t understand a word of German you will be hard pressed not to be infected by Alexander Knappe´s passion and super high energy. He reminds us a little of the German singer and songwriter Herbert Groenemeyer. His concert in Berlin was sold out and had been moved to a bigger venue. After checking out his truly awesome performance where his huge female fan base went totally nuts we knew why. Alexander Knappe is defo one Artist to watch out for.
That Hip Hop is having a massive comeback is yesterdays news but we are still surprised to see how much love Germans show to the old school Acts or as Jeru the Damaja likes to say “classics”. Kutmasta Kurt is one of the all time great producers he has worked with superstars like Dilated Peoples, Beastie Boys just to name a few. Kutmasta Kurt played together with Motion Man, Greg B and a surprise Performance by the man himself: Jeru The Damaja in Berlin. We filmed a good part of the concert and also had a good sit down with the boys after the concert.
Oliver Rath Feature film on TipstR.TV photo 55abf35c-7a26-4590-90f8-96e55530f253_zpse71d0d6d.png
Exclusive on TipstR.TV a portrait on the new media darling and super star photographer Oliver Rath who just published his first Book: Berlin Boheme. Oliver chats about his work, of course his book and also what makes Berlin so interesting to him and his work! The english version follows soon.
We started filming DJ sets for our new format: master class! The first set we filmed was that of the great german techno legend DJ Hell. We also talked about, re-invention, DJ´s and what actually
inspires a man like DJ Hell This recorded set will be downloadable exclusively on TipstR.TV. Of course free of charge. More soon so.. stay tuned!
 photo 54b7704b-66fc-434c-b193-7c6432ba1f9b_zpsa379bd75.png
We had the pleasure of checking out the concert of the german band: Trümmer. The guys are right now on a nationwide “euphorie” tour to promote their first album: Trümmer. The sold out show was amazing and of course we also had tons of questions for the guys .. so check it out: Trümmer on TipstR.TV
 photo 98bff44f-f0d6-4ae6-bcbe-c39f17a7a0cc_zps91a1a1ab.png
Hip Hop Legend Jeru Da Damaja joined the stage of Kutmasta Kurt and Motion Man and that club went wild. Check out sound bites, fierce cuts and some seriously cool interviews with all three artists. Soon to be broadcast on TipstR.TV´s BERLINSTRUCK
On Tuesday we had our first day of shooting at the Akademie der Kuenste in Berlin where we have been invited to film the second round of the 43. Bundeswettbewerb Gesang Berlin (a highly acclaimed german classical singing competition). The atmosphere was so tense that you could hear our camera focussing.. quite an experience. There will be 3 more rounds to go before the final concert takes place at the “Deutschen Oper” in Berlin.
Hip Hop DJ turned Star Photographer Oliver Rath just released his highly acclaimed Book: Berlin Boheme. You bet TipstR.TV had to check out the launch party and of course we just had to meet the man himself. Patricia clearly had a good time and we are so thrilled with the outcome… The guys from Production can’t wait to get started on the editing.
Legendary DJ Krush was spinning in Berlin and we just had to put some questions to one of the all-time greats. The outcome is an ultra rare interview which will soon show on TipstR.TV´s new program “master class” where we hope to show you guys a lot of great set´s, behind the scene footage and of course interviews with some of godfathers as well as the current most influencial DJ´s, Clubs, Agencies, Booker and much much more.
Berlin Alternative Fashion Week was killing it last weekend! Awesome artists, brilliant presentation and of course if you missed that one .. we´ve been there and filmed it all for you! Soon on TipstR TV ..
TipstR TV has been checking out Oliver Rath´s starstruck Berlin Bohème Book Release Event. As you would expect Oliver Rath defo knows how to party bohèmian style. Soon on BERLINSTRUCK # 2
BERLINSTRUCK #2 coming soon .. we checked out the legendary Suicide Circus in Berlin where we also met a Berlin icon: Komet also known as techno opa. Amazing to see how Komet Bernhard spreads the the love and rocks the dancefloor. Thanks Suicide Circus for having us and thanks to Partysan for supporting BERLINSTRUCK.
Partysan is the most established clubbing guide in Berlin. We are very happy to get a helping hand from those guys in adding an regular update on the electronic music scene in our berlin city magazine BERLINSTRUCK. The first feature will be shoot at the suicide circus. We are so excited.
Meeting the Kings of Blogging in men´s wear. The TipstR TV crew met with the Dandy Diary Boys, chatting about blogging, style and ruling the city.. check back soon for the release date. Til´ then stay cool and dress accordingly!
Shooting another episode of “Meeting the locals” on an uber hot day in Berlin. David Strauss an New York Berliner, infamous DJ, killer editor at the expat bible EXBERLINER and .. moderator at the international Brewery Festival. Reason enough for us to put our kick ass camera team to work